About me

Pitos 1 Towing is a full service towing and roadside assistance provider that has maneuvered the streets of the Bay Area since 1986.
We work tirelessly to help members of the community transport their vehicles. We are properly equipped with a range of wheel-lift and flatbed tow trucks to provide you with efficient and damage-free car, truck, and motorcycle  transportation. Pitos 1 Towing also maintains exclusive local contracts with law enforcement.
Our goal is to give our fellow Bay Area residents the absolute best service while giving you the most affordable prices in the area.


ADDRESS: 1421 46th Ave #4522, Oakland, CA 94601
TEL: 510 535 9601
TEL: 510 533 7000
FAX: 510 533 3581
e-mail: pitos1towing@yahoo.com


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